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Goodbye, tuition classes

Students have different needs and also have difficulty to attend economics tuition classes due to school activities, extra lessons and tuition on other subjects.

Therefore, I decide to focus on small group tuition and 121 home tuition.


Why small group?

I can put students doing same topic and have similar requirements together. It is group tuition so student can enjoy the benefit of low costs but better attention than large tuition classes. Small group means students have chance to ask questions or discuss issues during lessons. Students are also welcome to ask questions before or after lessons.


I will spin off a group into two when the students reach eight. Students can also bring in friend(s) to start own group at preferred time and location. Student cannot find partner can join existing groups. (Please refer JC2 / JC1 schedule)


Why 121 home tuition?

You save time of travelling and I save the rental. This is suitable for a student who needs personal touch and customised approach to catch up with his / her work. (Please refer home tuition)


Why or David Lim? 


Experience, commitment and track record



I, David Lim, have taught A-Level Economics in various educational institutions since 1994. Currently I am a teacher of four tuition centres with five branches. I am teaching more than 10 JC groups per year.


Each lesson by me covers practices in the style of A-Level Exam as well as applying to current events. My material is always updated base on what happen in top JCs. I explain what examiners are looking for, analyse the structure of questions, and point out common pitfalls.


Most ex-students scored A or at least a B in the subject. Some of my ex-students are doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professionals.  (Please refer to testimonials)

I do not spend a lot of resources on advertising and promotion. Neither do I employ co-ordinator or employed by tuition centres.  I share classrooms with partners. That is why my fee is quite reasonable despite it is small group tuition and high quality.


A little about me

I have taught Economics in St. Francis Methodist, Pioneer Junior College, MDIS, Hwa Chong and Dunman High School Alumini .

I have a Business Administration Degree from National University of Singapore.  I also have an Honour degree from University of London in Economics after I realised my calling is in teaching.

I graduated from Raffles Junior College under MOE scholarship in 1986 and top in Economics among all junior college students in 1986.  

I have two grown up sons, one studying medicine in UK and the younger one going to study engineering in NTU after national service. Both of my boys graduated from Hwa Chong Institution.

Base on my teaching, tutoring and own experience in brought up my sons, I believe I probably understand the problems of JC/IB students better than some current school teachers. I may be in a better position to use more personal approach in coaching them during this challenging period.

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