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Economics Tuition

Mr David Lim, our tutor is a specialist in the subject.

He holds an honour degree in Economics and was an NUS graduate. He graduated from Raffles Junior College under MOE Scholarship and was top in Economics for the 1986 A-level cohort.

Mr Lim has taught A-Level Economics in various education institutions include junior colleges, MDIS & private institutions like Hwachong Alumni, Dunman High School Alumni, St. Francis Methodist, Clifford Training Centre, Systematic Training Centre, Edustation, Radiant & Associates since 1994. He is currently a full time tutor teaching more than 10 JC classes per year across 4 tuition centres.

Each lesson taught by him involves applying current economic events   to practices in the format of A Level Examination.

Key techniques such as how to analyse question structures, how to avoid common pitfalls and identifying exactly what examiners are looking for will be covered on a regular basis.

All tuition materials are constantly updated in line with the new examination syllabus.



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